We needed new heating that would be more efficient than the combination oil-and-wood-fueled system we had been using for 14 years, and we got one proposal from another installer that was way beyond our budget. Then we heard about EnergyStarDave, and we’re sure glad we did. Our total cost for energy is now approximately one-third of what it would have been, and we now also have the benefit of air conditioning, which we never had before. This was without a doubt the best home improvement investment we have made since purchasing our home. Thanks, Dave!

George Van Arsdall
Homeowner, Jeffersonville, NY

Mini splits installed 2016

When I met Dave from EnergyStarDave, I was impressed with both his knowledge and his professionalism. The mini split system has outperformed all my expectations. We’re now comfortable all year round, with the added benefit of saving money. I have had homes with central air before and they do not hold a candle to this system — and it’s so quiet you can’t even tell it’s running. Dave is not only reliable but you can tell the passion he has for his work.

Arthur Levine
Homeowner, Narrowsburg, NY

Mini splits installed 2015 and 2016

We couldn’t have had a better experience working with Dave and his crew. Converting our 1890s farmhouse to a year-round residence was a significant challenge in an area of the Catskills that gets down to 20 below. Dave engineered a system specific to our needs that has kept us toasty all winter and kept our heating costs down. It’s efficient, totally silent, and we love the fact that we can control it from our smartphones. Thank you, Dave!

Jenny Gill and Eugene Cunningham
Homeowners, Livingston Manor, NY

Smartphone-controlled heat and air installed 2016

Dave did a great job replacing my old inefficient oil furnace with a smartphone-controlled Mitsubishi ductless mini split system that both heats and cools my home. The system works great and lowered my heating bill substantially. Dave was very patient and knowledgeable through the entire process of helping me choose a system, figuring out the most efficient and aesthetic way to install it, and then returning promptly when small issues arose. Highly recommended!

Levi Brown
Homeowner, Long Branch, NY

Smartphone-controlled mini splits installed 2016

Love our a.c.! Dave is a pleasure to work with and always looking out for the best interests of his clients. Early in the summer of 2016 he installed a very efficient a.c. system in our house and WOW! Just in time, with extremely hot weather around the corner! The installation work was very clean and efficient. You would never even have known someone was in the house breaking through the old plaster walls. The a.c. is a godsend and perfect for our home. Thank you, Dave!

Barbara LaColla
Homeowner, Beacon, NY

Central air conditioning, 2016

When I experienced a ‘puffback’ from my old oil furnace, I didn’t even know what a puffback was, but I did know my house was full of soot. I found some names of local ‘experts’ on an Internet site and contacted several. Dave turned out to really deserve the title ‘expert.’ He advised me on potential insurance coverage and saved me a great deal of money, as well as changing my home heating system from oil to propane. I would recommend him to anyone who has need of a very knowledgeable and efficient HVAC expert. Dave is also responsive, respectful, and courteous.

Michael Rosenblum
Homeowner, Shandelee, NY

Oil to gas conversion, 2015