Smartphone-Controlled Systems

Smartphone-Controlled Systems

Here in Sullivan County and the Catskills, remote-controlled heating and cooling make sense!

EnergyStarDave customers with vacation homes and weekend getaways in the Upper Delaware Valley love adjusting their thermostats from a distance.

Held up in the city at the last minute on a Friday and can’t get here? No problem. With Ecobee’s “smart” thermostats, you can monitor the temperature in your weekend place and turn the heat, or the air conditioning, way down — saving energy from 100 miles away, with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Or let’s say your plans change and you’re on your way after all. A few more clicks on your phone, and your country retreat is already heated or cooled to the perfect temperature by the time you walk in the door.

Full-time residents of Sullivan, Delaware, and Orange counties tell us they appreciate this Ecobee technology, too.

It’s perfect for checking to make sure the heat’s still on at home if you’re miles away at work during one of our pesky winter power outages! Or you can use it on a sweltering summer evening to turn on the air conditioning an hour or two before you leave work. Why waste energy (and money) cooling an empty house all day?

Ecobee thermostats are easy to synch up with your smartphone, and come in a variety of styles and finishes to blend in to any décor.

An Ecobee smartphone HVAC system could make your life easier! Call us today!